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ESarch was founded in Longford in 2015 by Eamon Sheridan. After gaining experience as an architectural technician with Peter T. McGrath & Associate Architects, Cavan, Eamon returned to education and studied architecture at the University of Dundee. In 2007 he received a BA in architecture with distinction. Eamon completed his part 1 architectural experience with Sean Dockry & Associate Architects, Galway, before returning to Education. In 2009, Eamon received a 2.1 Honours Degree in architecture. He decided to further his education and entered into the Materials unit at the University where he was awarded a Master of architecture in 2010. Eamon returned to Sean Dockry & Associate Architects to complete his Part 2 in architecture before forming the ESarch design studio.


At ESarch we believe that architecture revolves around the body in space and should firstly be designed and constructed with the inhabitant at its core. Our main design drivers come from a real and conceptual understanding of contained space, form, material and detail, which as a collective contritute to arguably the most important attribute of architecture; space for the mind or atmosphere.


We communicate our designs through a mix of freehand sketches, physical models and state of the art computer aided design programs. We  believe in research, precedent and process to be paramount when creating quality architecture. We realises the importance of the environment and incorporate green elements and ideas wherever possible. These elements help concrete the concept and become an intrinsic part of the design model.

We specialise in:




interior design 

project management

building surveying


3d visualisation 

services to law firms








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